The Online Event Platform Global Content Delivery Our purpose built content delivery network ensures your participants benefit from the best possible event quality - no matter where they are on the planet. We own our servers, placed in strategic locations around the globe so your clients don’t miss a beat.

Scaleable Platform

We have designed our platform and services to be suitable for all events – big and small. Whether you expect an audience of 10 or 100,000 – our scaleable platform will allow you to host your event without buffer or delay. If you need a full camera crew – great. If not – you stream your own event to us, and we distribute it to your viewers, completely remotely. 

21CN Networking

Our background is rooted in networking. We have built a substantial global infrastructure to deal with the most demanding events. We build our platform in-house. We are the one stop shop, from video production to delivery thousands of miles away.

Hybrid Events

Many of our clients have been amazed about how many more participants they get to their events when they take them online. Our platform is designed to be integrated with live events as well – so the experience at home can be closely matched by the experience in the room. A massive saving for the environment and an equal saving for event organisers. 

High Definition

Our events are always broadcast in high definition. Events that last several days benefit from much higher watch time if their events are a great experience. Broadcasting in HD allows you to offer a digital copy of a real world experience. 

Your Event Legacy

Why end your event when the doors close on day 3? Extend your event to capture your audience all year round. Retain your visitors and captivate them with content delivered from your platform throughout the year. Interact directly with your viewers and engage on a level not possible at an in-person mass gathering.